Case study - data aggregation Services

The challenge

A leading independent owner, operator, and developer of wireless and broadcast communication real estate with a global portfolio of ~70,000 sites possessed a large body of legacy lease agreements that they needed to manage and update. Their existing process tasked a large workforce to manually read, analyze, extract, and abstract the contents of the lease agreements.


Our Contract Management solution automated the document processing and cut the working time per document to a small fraction of a second, enabling mass ingestion and analysis of structured and unstructured forms in near real-time. Natural Language Processing algorithms automated identification and extraction of key lease terms (rate, renewal, frequency, etc.), and provided summary dashboards for business intelligence and transparency.

Ability to extract key fields from entire set of documents in near real-time
Out-of-the-box accuracy 80%, more than double the competition
Rapidly configurable platform can capture additional fields in any unstructured document
Scalable platform can be implemented by any sized company
Shrink wrapped solutions can be implemented quickly
The challenge

Rust provides consulting and administration services to clients such as law firms, companies across all industries, and governmental agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. As part of their sales lead generation process, Rust needs to monitor federal and state court activity for cases where there may be an opportunity to sell services, such as a large class action settlements. They are struggling to identify "good" leads and events of interest across tens of thousands of daily updates.


Rule14 delivered a tuned platform to identify relevant case updates and immediately alert the sales team to promising events and leads. System included a machine-learning model to:

  • Detect Actionable Trigger Event from within thousands of daily updates
  • Classify the Trigger Event (Complaint, Dismissal, etc.)
  • Alert stakeholders: analysts, admin, salespeople
  • Integrate with existing CRM systems (
Out-of-the-box accuracy 85-90%, significantly better than the competition (Unicourt, 60%)
Automation leads to cost-savings within the Enterprise
Integrate as an add-on to more CRM and lead generation platforms