Case study - Loss Prevention Services

The challenge

AT&T Mobility wanted to understand: why do “good” customers pay infrequently? How can we encourage better payment practices? Specifically, can they: Predict delinquency risk and create custom engagements to alter payment behavior Reduce DSO, increase liquidity, without negatively impacting customer sentiment


In under 60 days, Rule14 delivered a customized AT&T Loss Prevention platform which:

  • Integrated disparate internal data silos (CSR records, payments/billing, sales, demographics).
  • Enhanced customer profiles with external demographic and social media data.
  • Accurately predicted delinquency and customer responsiveness to contact.
  • Deployed targeted engagements campaigns (SMS, email, voice call) to encourage self-service payment options.
Predict customer payment behaviors and responsiveness to contact
Reduced DSO in the targeted segment, corresponding to more than $82 million freed from accounts receivables in one month.
Rapidly configurable platform can expanded to manage additional risks in other segments (e.g. churn)
Scalable platform can be implemented for any sized company or large Billing/Collections department
The challenge

Collection agencies today are faced with a variety of challenges: shrinking margins, an industry-wide ability to easily contact large account volumes, and significant competitive pressure. In this trying environment, an agency contacted Rule14 to gain a competitive advantage through prescriptive insights. The company’s existing operations strategy relied upon credit score and managerial experience to direct the account treatments. While the expertise model kept them in business, significant efforts were still being spent on low-value accounts.

  • High resolution account profiling in near real-time.
  • Accurate recovery rate and payment forecasting, even for accounts without credit scores.
  • Dynamic collection strategy recommendations (date/ time of contact, frequency of dialing, etc.).
Near real-time liquidation-based clustering, including identifying high profit groups with 10X average recovery rate
Predicted 98.8% of zero payment accounts
User-friendly, secure, and fully integrated platform
Scalable platform can be implemented for any sized company
Shrink wrapped solutions can be implemented quickly