Case study - REVENUE ENHANCEMENT Services

The challenge

Across the country, smart meter adoption is producing an unprecedented amount of usage data at the customer level. Increasingly deregulated markets are leading to intense competition amongst retail providers. Providers are looking for customized pricing models to better serve customers. Loss prevention requires rigorous load shedding program.


Rule14 has delivered a robust Big Data analytics platform for the power industry, offering solutions such as:

  • Incorporation of real-time weather data into load predication.
  • Models.
  • Load pattern analysis to cluster customers for peak-hour rewards.
  • Programs.
  • Customer clustering for load shedding programs.
  • Demand Response analysis to predict program participation.
  • Customer engagement and outreach campaign management.
Powerful, predictive modeling capabilities in a user-friendly platform
Customized pricing and program recommendation models
Real-time visualization
AMI-enabled load forecasting
Message testing and customer engagement